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Types of Transformers used in Industrial Applications

Category : Industrial Application | Posted on 2021-08-18 21:27:10

Types of Transformers used in Industrial Applications

Transformers used in industries mostly work with electrical supplies and production lines and are used to regulate the voltage levels and simplify using low voltage devices. They are used to generate power that can be transferred over long distances.

There are different types of industrial transformers that can use for multiple applications. Some transformers are tailor-made to handle the high current requirements of different equipment. The transformers used in industries vary in design as the voltage fluctuates a lot and are used to manage equipment of varying sizes and shapes. Thus, we will focus on the different transformer types used in industrial applications and what makes them differ w.r.t to applications.


  • Converter transformers

Converter transformers are perfect for all kinds of industrial application, including pumping stations, rolling stock, blast furnaces, and more. They have flexible voltage adoption and are mostly used for static voltage compensation and static frequency change. These transformers are tailor-made to work seamlessly in harsh conditions and have multi-pulse applications and variable electric speed drives that work through the transformer.


  • Rectifier transformers

Rectifier transformers are trustworthy for industrial applications as they induce a chemical reaction for DC power supply. They consist of a diode or thyristor rectifier that make them effective for large to various medium-sized operations. They are air or water cooled transformers that do not overheat as a result of regular usage.


  • Furnace transformers

Furnace transformers are designed to withstand high thermal stress and are cost-efficient transformers for all kinds of conditions. They can be electric arc furnace transformers or DC electric arc furnace transformers and are mostly used steel or ferro-alloy furnaces. Electric arc furnace transformers are similar to submerged arc furnace transformers. They are suitable to manage frequent voltages and currents shooting generated by short circuits in the furnace. While, DC electric arc furnace transformers are built for applications like steel furnaces with a thyristor rectifier. They have cyclic loading and use rectifier transformers for furnace operations. Since they are available for both AC and DC furnaces, these transformers offer high currents of up to 200kA. These are only used in railway lines and have limited operational capabilities in other industrial areas.

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